Commodore PET – Abwehrfeuer von Unbekannt.

Schräge Sache. Jetzt kam über Facebook eine „Pressemitteilung“ Commodore. Auf Ihrer Homepage findet sich dazu noch nichts.


PRESS BULLETIN #1 – August 14th, 2015

On August 12, we’ve been informed by OHIM, european Office for Harmonization on the Internal Market, that they received an opposition request about our trademark, which was regularly registered during the month of May 2015, with patent number 013930276. While waiting for further explanations from competent institutions, Commodore Business Machines LTD wishes to confirm that it is in no way affiliated or related to C=Holding BV, and confirms to be the only legitimate owner of the figurative brand Commodore in its business sector (smartphones).

Commodore Business Machines LTD wishes to assure to its customers, partners, media and fans that all the ongoing activities will regularly proceed as planned, and they will not suffer any variation or delay due to this circumstance.

Massimo Canigiani

Original Link bei Facebook:

COMMODORE BUSINESS MACHINES LTDPRESS BULLETIN #1 – August 14th, 2015On August 12, we've been informed by OHIM,…

Posted by Commodore Business Machines on Freitag, 14. August 2015

Das sind dann wohl die Folgen der Zersplitterung der Marke Commodore. Mal sehen was daraus wird. Muss ich jetzt noch fix bestellen, bevor sie verboten werden? Einen vernünftigen Test gibt es ja immer noch nicht.