Just when I thought…

…I would get myself some other smartphone than the Commodore PET they start „serious“ business. Many of you have followed the „drama“ of CBM delivering very slowly. To the point that I’m still „scared“ of buying it despite of it (the PET) getting good reviews. Along comes the OnePlus X. It’s not the phone I wanted (mainly because of the nonswapable battery) but I would compromise at this point. Let’s get some technical specifications. I highlighted the one I think are most vital to me.

OnePlus X Commodore PET
Display 5″ 1920*1080 OLED 5.5″ 1920*1080 IPS OGS
internal storage 16 GB 32 GB
microSD up to 128GB (not useable in dual SIM mode) up to 32GB
CPU Quad-core 2.3 GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 Octa-core 1.7 GHz 64 bit
GPU Qualcomm® Adreno™ 330 Mali-T760
Battery 2525mAh (built in) 3000mAh (removable)
Dimensions 140*69*6,9mm 153*76,5*8,9
OS OxygenOS (Android 5.1.1 based) Android 5.0

So the OnePlus X seems to be a good phone it still lacks two important features.

  • removable battery
  • dual SIM mode and storage space

The only currently available phone matching the PET is the LG Electronics G4 Dual-SIM but that starts at 500 Euro. That’s a lot more than the 368 Euro CBM wants.

But they are an established company and are in good standing. And CBM is very quiet on th… FUCK! Just today the posted a link to a new shop (partially in Italian but still manageable) and the got some FAQ up. And we can read there the following:

Q: I’ve bought a phone from the Commodore E-shop, how long does it take for the device shipping?
A: Commodore PET shipping for orders from the e-shop now takes 10 working days. We want to thank you everyone that have had to wait for the first PET delivery after the long pre-order phase. We have launched PET pre-orders on mid summer 2015 and now we can announce that the first delivery phase has been planning to be finished in October 2015 because of the huge and unexpected amount of orders. Commodore PET is now in stock and it can be in yours in 10 working days.

10 days? TEN DAYS?! How am I to decide now?! If you’ll excuse me, I’ll go and bang my head against a wall or something.