The Commodore PET and it’s rather bad PR

This article will be in English to make sure that everybody get’s my point. (I’m hoping the guys from CBM will read this)

When I first read about the PET I was really excited. After all I grew up in the 1980ies with a C64 of my own. On paper the specs of the phone sound more than descend. And the price I ok too. But there is one big catch. As of today there is no test or review of the phone. Only photos, shaky videos and some tech blog articles. And now comes the part with the bad PR.

Most videos and articles are in Italian. For a phone with an announced European release that’s bad. And it’s even worse considering the fact that the official CBM youtube channel ask for post and comments to be made in English! (see here)



And to add insult to injury there is an offer on facebook for (what I can only guess, because it’s in italian and google translate does not help) the smartphone to be ordered? delivered befor the 21st of September.

I wish they would decide to stick to one language. Maybe hire a PR person. Or just focus on the Italian market. But in the current form their PR is bad. Really, really bad.

That being said: I still want the phone to be good. And when the reviews are positive I am very likely to buy it. But I wont take the bullet blind.