War for the Overworld V1.1

Heute ist der Patch V1.1 für War for the Overworld heraus gekommen. Und die Liste der Bugfixe ist lang! Ich habe sie einfach mal hinter das Entwicklervideo geklemmt. Bleibt nur zu sagen, dass es nun viel flüssiger läuft. Im Moment jedenfalls. Der Gesamteindruck ist runder und (wer’s mag) Multiplayer kommt nun auch richtig zum Zug. Den habe ich aber noch nicht getestet. In diesem Sinne: Gute Nacht!


Patch 1.1 – “Eternal Conflict” Release notes

Known Issues

Although we have worked hard to ensure that Patch 1.1 is as free from bugs as we possibly can we are aware of a number of remaining issues, we are working on resolving the following and you should see these fixed over the coming patches! We’re pla

  • Campaign Menu background is occasionally flashing black for some players
  • Maunfacturing shrines do not visibly produce defence parts after a save/load (They are produced just not rendered)
  • All themes are currently using standard wall connectors in unknown circumstances
  • Melee units sometimes have trouble hitting defences that are fortified with a rampart
  • Destroyed Siege doors on Level 13 do not disappear and sometimes have the wrong orientation
  • Beastmasters sometimes cannot catch beasts to train them
  • Ghouls sometimes choose to not follow Necromancers without a rally flag
  • The game is sometimes crashing on boot for some players
  • Gold statues cannot be slapped properly in Multiplayer
  • Own player’s Augrum walls are unmineable to that player in Multiplayer
  • Sometimes minions visually appear to fight despite being rendered unconcious in Multiplayer
  • Workers sometimes have trouble picking up units near props in Multiplayer
  • Clients cannot pickup prisoners in Multiplayer
  • Blade Lotus is not correctly appearing as invisible
  • Blade Lotus animations are not always firing correctly
  • Black fog of war is still showing in Multiplayer games

4-Player Skirmish & Multiplayer

We’ve reintroduced 4-Player Skirmish & Multiplayer maps after significant overhauls to the way that 4-Player Multiplayer is handled which should allow the game to run much more smoothly.

  • It is now possible to participate in 4-Player Skirmish & Multiplayer Matches
  • In Multiplayer players can be any combination of Human and AI opponents
  • 4-Player maps can also be played with empty slots giving you plenty of room to expand
  • 9 New 4-Player maps (see Below)

Unit Spawning Changes

We are in the process of making changes to the unit spawning system so you can expect regular changes to this behaviour over the next few patches. Our goal is to encourage more variety in dungeon builds and strategies afforded by unit spawning by making more unit types more viable.

  • Units no longer decrease the spawn rate of their own type, provided there is room for that unit type they will continue to be attracted at the same rate as limited by your Gateways

New Skirmish & Multiplayer Maps

We’ve added 17 new Skirmish & Multiplayer maps into the mix with this patch and we’re determined to continue adding more in the patches to come. Check out our Imgur Album for an eagle eye view of each new map!

6 New 2-Player Maps

2 New 3-Player Map

9 New 4-Player Maps

Gameplay & Balance changes

Defences & Constructs

Defence & Construct Mana Cost Changes

  • Bombard reduced from 25 to 15
  • Blade Lotus reduced from 20 to 10
  • Bone Chiller reduced from 25 to 15
  • Ember Rift reduced from 150 to 100
  • Gargoyle cost per second reduced from 25 to 20
  • Glacial Door increased from 0 to 10
  • Warding Totem reduced from 25 to 15
  • Well of Souls reduced from 40 to 25

Well of Souls

  • Well of Souls part cost increased from 3 to 5
  • Radius increased to 7×7 (up from 3×3)


  • Passive Radius increased to 9×9 (up from 5×5)

Augrum Wall

  • Max health is now 600 (up from 400)
  • All 600 health is now fortified instead of the last 200
  • Part requirement reduced from 5 to 3
  • Gold cost reduced from 4000 to 2250

Replacement Earth

  • Increased gold cost from 400 to 1000


  • Cost increased to 3000 Gold (Up from 2000)



  • Increased damage resistance granted to walls from 50% to 75%
  • Increased buff duration from 3 minutes to 4 minutes
  • Reduced defense healing to 10 + 0.75% of defense health per second (Down from 10 + 2.5% per second)
  • Removed defence damage resistance buff
  • Removed wall fortification speed buff


  • The Arena now allows for units to spectate battles which will provide 1 happiness point per second. Units will occasionally decide to spectate the Arena of their own free will.


  • Research will now stop when three more sins are researched than the total unlockable aspects in the veins of evil



  • Workers will now repair walls at the same rate as they fortify them (instead of double the speed)
  • Worker’s movement and working speeds reduced


  • Unbound Power now increases damage and decreases resistances by less. Stacks less times.


  • Added an “Oink” action which can be used to distract other units in possession

Emperor Lucius

  • Minor Resistance Tweaks



  • Now only castable on Workers and Intelligent units, as beasts and others do not have efficiency


  • You are now only able to perform a task at a maximum rate that is twice as fast as the standard unit



  • Now has 300 health standard, 600 when fortified (Up from 200/400)

Visual Changes

Posession Mode Overhaul

Based on player feedback we’ve implemented a number of changes to possession mode in order to make the experience more enjoyable and interesting.

  • Camera should no longer clip through bodies
  • Targeting Reticule has been added, when hovered over a target information on that target will be displayed
  • Added some additional feedback to various attacks
  • New Ability Icons for every unit ability in the game
  • Some visual changes to how certain units see the world
  • Fixed pig eating so it doesn’t cause an explosive response on the camera
  • Info panel will now display information on your targets
  • Icons have been added to abilities

Other Changes

  • Impenetrable walls now use the correct theme for neighbouring owned tiles
  • Dungeon Core animation states are now tied to their health levels
  • Many defences now have death animations
  • Damage states added for Corridoors
  • Three more dungeon themes are now unlockable through various means
  • Glacial Door walls now use old permafrost frost
  • Some additional animations have been introduced
  • Reduced the distance at which workers will perform dig tasks on blood money statues
  • Sovereign Theme Worker Implemented
  • Kickstarter Theme Worker Implemented
  • Mira Theme Worker Implemented
  • Korvek Theme worker implemented
  • Founder theme worker Implemented
  • Evil Arcane Theme Implemented
  • New Stone Textures
  • New Art for Mira Bridge
  • New Rally flag icons
  • New Texture for Augrum wall
  • New Siege Shrine Assets
  • Updated shader middleware
  • New Drawbridge Prop added on Level 13
  • Firebreath animation added to Behemoth
  • New Artefact activation effects
  • Clutter Implemented in many rooms
  • Alchemy Lab
  • Wooden Bridge
  • Tavern
  • Torture Chamber
  • Garrison
  • Foundry
  • Beast Den
  • Archive
  • Lair
  • Improved the visual appearance of Gold Chunks

UI Changes

  • The Information Panel has received a complete overhaul, all game objects have received new tooltips and pertinent information
  • Multiplayer and Skirmish Lobbies have received a complete overhaul
  • Hotkeys have been added to the game and are configurable via the options menu, please see the attached post for a full list of hotkeys
  • Outdated Save files will now show their authored version string in red
  • Sell information is now displayed when you’re in the process of selling a room or defence
  • Objects in the hand of evil will no longer display when the pause menu is opened
  • Information on population is now displayed on Gateways and Beast portals
  • Added in-game chat for Multiplayer Games
  • Shiny new loading screen with tips!

Audio Changes

  • More VO added for the Mentor to alert the player to various happenings around their dungeon including
  • Specific Alerts for reasons why units are unhappy or angry
  • Alerts for Vampire happiness due to missing blood supplies
  • Alerts for individual units
  • General Alerts for combat
  • Alerts for units rebelling
  • Alerts for specific rooms being too small
  • More variations for regularly announced lines (Your minions have researched a new sin for you)
  • Distinct alerts for specific shrines
  • Additional VO for the Mentor during the campaign to explain new aspects as they are introduced
  • VO on Level 9 has had it’s volume tuned down a bit
  • Some missing sounds for combat have been reimplemented
  • Tuned down the “Your minions are under attack” voice alert frequency
  • Multiple tweaks and improvements on several alerts
  • Added various SFX to the game

Map changes

  • Summon Worker is now available from the start of level 3 don’t forget to leave mana for defences!
  • After unlocking the Underminer on Level 4 the veins can now be closed by clicking the veins button
  • Maps in Multiplayer are now explored from the start but hidden by fog of war
  • Replaced non-working reveal map artefact in level 7 with a Spirit Workers artefact
  • The Prison in level 6 should now be fully discovered as intended
  • Mira (Level 11) is now a more challenging adversary
  • The Kenos ritual announcement in level 12 now uses the right line
  • Rearranged to dialogue on level 8 to better introduce new elements
  • The countdown in level 9 now displays in the language chosen by the player
  • Enhanced Dalaran Effect for level 13
  • Additional Unit respawn in Level 13 in addition keep units will focus on defence
  • Removed corner prop on Empire Crypt on Level 13
  • Several Changes to Home Realm
  • Removed infinite gold & mana
  • Sappers now carry 500 gold
  • Bosses now carry 10000 gold
  • Weak units now carry 1000 gold
  • Strong units now carry 2500 gold

AI Changes

  • Empire units no longer flee while on patrol
  • Made some tweaks to the AI Player, will now build rooms more efficiently
  • The AI Player will only sell rooms which are either far away or ones that it does not need
  • Workers should be more eager to do important tasks during battle if they are healthy enough to survive
  • Workers who have been assigned a dig task via being dropped will now continue to focus any form of dig task against any kind of terrain as opposed to just the terrain they were dropped near
  • Reduced the distance which units who are rallied will chase enemy units that are not in combat
  • Fixed a reason that Steven Fright could be defeated (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DnbfYtG-I5Q)

Performance Improvements

  • Refactored workers performing carrying tasks over large distances, should yield some performance increases on larger levels such as level 4
  • Plenty of back end tweaks that should increase performance for many players
  • Fixed the performance of Revelation Ritual especially on larger maps
  • Some Improvements to pathing which should result in both better and more efficient paths
  • Game Start-up time improved significantly! Now takes ¼ the time to startup!
  • Reduced the performance impact of gold piles

Misc Changes

  • Options menu updated, new settings have been added
  • Configuration menu for Hotkeys
  • Default Texture size in options now set to half, full size still available in options
  • The multiplayer game lobby will now navigate back to the main multiplayer menu after a disconnect
  • Arcane Theme now available for early access participants
  • Fixed Achievement conditions for Levels 4, 9, 10, 12, 13 and Homerealm
  • Fixed Acheivement conditions for beating particular AIs
  • Campaign Map Selection highlight now hides when briefing is being viewed

Bug Fixes

  • Potentially fixed the “Too many threads” crash
  • Numerous tweaks and fixes to back end processes to increase stability
  • Fixed a stack overflow crash related to selling defences with ramparts using a drag sell box
  • Fixed a number of issues related to overcrowded prisons namely:
  • Prisoners screaming constantly
  • Prisoners are brought back to the prison instead of being tortured
  • Selling a prison which is overcrowded will cause a game crash
  • When Prisons are overcrowded you cannot pick up the units in it
  • Fixed an issue where the Vampire would constantly become quicker to anger meaning it was not possible to keep him happy with Prisoners
  • Fixed a client freeze caused when the camera was in fog of war
  • Fixed languages settings not applying when the game starts
  • Clients in Multiplayer should now be able to correctly grab gold and rats
  • Fixed the Tavern Cannon in Multiplayer
  • Password requests now show up properly for Multiplayer  games
  • Old Games should now disappear correctly from the Multiplayer list
  • Fixed Lord O’theland’s resistances in C3 where he was too weak to certain units
  • Dalaran effect now correctly disappears when C4 is complete
  • Home Realm Gold Tagging can no longer cause issues
  • Objectives will now correctly update on C8 and C7 for boss tombs
  • Fixed a bug where tiles were needlessly respawned even though the mesh was going to be the same
  • Fixed a bug on C8 where an indestructible defence blocked the player’s path
  • Units that have been imprisoned and converted are now properly added to their new faction’s default rally group
  • Fixed an issue where all units would reach their targets after a few seconds even if they don’t physically reach it
  • Fixed a bug where the unit panel would be un-scrollable
  • Fixed a bug where Lava was no longer dealing damage over time to units inside it
  • Fixed an issue where Dungeon Cores were claimable before being destroyed
  • Fixed a rare bug where allied units would be taken to prison instead of their lair
  • Unit bounds should now be set correctly on all units
  • Fixed a health and max health mismatch on cores and Underworld Gateways
  • Fixed an issue which affected the range of the Garrison
  • Fixed a number of issues with visual and physical issues with charge attacks
  • Fixed a visual issue where water tiles that are adjacent to lava tiles will display streaks of lava from the foundry
  • Fixed a bug where VFX would not correctly start at ground height
  • Fixed a broken patrol system which would cause empire units to wander and end up in odd places
  • Flying units will now lie on the floor correctly when dead
  • Fixed an issue where Wooden bridges could be placed upon lava
  • Fixed a bug which would cause gold piles to fall at an angle
  • Fixed an issue which caused the Vampire to constantly play the “Raise” animation when grabbed
  • Fixed a bug which caused Blood Money statues of Bafu or Oculi to continue floating up and down
  • Fixed a bug where pre-placed and loaded gargoyles would not be facing in the appropriate direction
  • Dungeon Cores have been well and truly glued to the floor they should never take off ever again… ever…
  • Right clicking after selecting a mission on the campaign map now correctly stops the VO
  • Fixed a bug where remove all rally flags was not removing flags
  • Fixed potential issues with multiple area based abilities stacking
  • Made some fixes with beasts and beastmaster behaviour mixing with the Arena
  • Fixed AIs on campaign sometimes never starting
  • Minions can no longer eat Micropiglets while they’re being dragged by workers
  • Spirit Chamber props will now correctly mouse over from the start of a match
  • Objectives tab is now able to be hidden in Sandbox
  • Dropping units into the Tavern Spitroast Cannon will no longer cause the unit to slowly float down
  • Fixed walkability of room tiles, all are now standardised speed meaning units will choose to path through rooms instead of around them
  • Fixed a bug which caused Magical meat to not satisfy hunger
  • Fixed a bug where Magical Meat would feed enemy units as well
  • The game will now properly end in all cases when Rhaskos is killed in level 7
  • Fixed an issue with highlighting vault gold items
  • Pigs will no longer gain shields when picked up and dropped
  • Fixed Death VFX for Piggies not playing
  • Fixed a bug on level 3 where a tavern table was offset
  • Ember Demons now correctly explode on death
  • Beast Masters have been talked out of eating their health shields
  • Fixed Inhibitors not correctly displaying their damage states
  • Fixed some issues which were causing Audio spam
  • Fixed issues which occurred when multiple death VFXs were played
  • Selling a defence should no longer reset team colour
  • Fixed an issue where statues created by Blood Money would continue to play sounds
  • Fixed a bug on level 10 where wooden doors were not closing automatically
  • Fixed an issue which caused the Wormhole potion to not apply to enemies
  • Fixed spirits not being able to be used as part of the Spirit Chamber
  • Fixed many many many Multiplayer Issues
  • Fixed some issues which would cause older savegames to become corrupt as new patches came out
  • Fixed some issues related to the themes that players had available to them, you should now be able to see the correct themes
  • Double-downed on the checks to ensure that spirits would never incorrectly fight
  • Fixed some issues related to launching the game on Linux
  • Fixed a bug where impact VFX would not correctly play on hits
  • Chunder’s farts now hit a 9.0 on the smell-scale
  • Fixed an exploit where it was possible to use Oculi to freeze enemy patrols on a natural bridge for the rest of the game (Sorry: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rByHkupjjbk)
  • Fixed a missing animation for the augre
  • Fixed a missing loop animation for some units while tortured
  • Fixed a bug where a chosen theme was incorrectly being tested when it was already unlocked causing an error
  • Fixed an issue with the Main Menu image Carousel
  • Minimised the time the game spends on a black screen at startup
  • The Audio Controller will no longer freeze the game as it initiliases
  • Mouse inversion for possession no longer inverts the X-Axis as well!
  • Fixed a bug where the game would not correctly detect Nvidia Optimus which was causing issues
  • Fixed a missing texture on Dwarf Wall Connectors
  • Fixed an issue where one Arcane theme tile was incorrectly rotated
  • Recall will now correctly teleport ghouls with their necromancer once again
  • Fixed an issue where the kickstarter theme connector was missing a texture
  • Fixed a bug where if the player provided no name or too short of a name when creating an MP Game the UI would explode
  • Fixed a bug where the Arcane theme was not being player coloured
  • Fixed a bug where the Korvek theme was not correctly using a player colour
  • Fixed a bug where the game would not start if any player selected a random theme
  • Fixed multiple bugs related to theme selection and notificaitons
  • Fixed a notification bug with regards to unlocked themes
  • Fixed a bug which meant it was impossible to play two levels in a row
  • Transmutation potions can once again be dropped on the following terrain types “Rocky Earth” , “Sand”, “Brimstone”
  • Fixed an issue where Arena walls and Corridors had no collision
  • Allied creatures are no longer highlighted in red
  • Work-a-lot is no longer usable on enemy units
  • Units owned by the player that are under the effects of Blood Money are no longer listed as living units
  • Fixed an issue where units will ignore a rally flag if it was previously placed on an object
  • Fixed a bug where the Arcane theme was not being player coloured
  • Fixed a bug where the Korvek theme was not correctly using a player colour
  • Fixed an issue where units would become unhappy extremely quickly while fighting in the arena
  • Fixed a bug where the in-game menu could appear and flicker onto the screen at random
  • Fixed a bug where beasts would not rally after being dropped into an Arena by a BeastMaster
  • Fixed a bug where having a unit in hand would cause building to go somewhat awry
  • Fixed an issue where non-player factions would have their rooms removed because they were interpreted as empty slots
  • Fixed a bug where spirits were not correctly granting XP to units in the spirit chamber
  • Fixed a critical Saving / Loading issue which would cause Skrimish games to not load correctly
  • Overwriting a saved game will now correctly overwrite that game instead of creating a sperate save file
  • Fixed Cutlist Sleep VO not playing
  • Fixed multiple loading issues with the home realm
  • Fixed the toggleable gold tile in the Home Realm not granting gold correctly
  • Fixed a bug where after unlocking a titan players would be able to spend points on the other titans only to have them not appear
  • Claiming an enemy core will now correctly take over enemy tiles as well as rooms
  • Fixed a clipping camera bone on some workers in possession
  • Fixed founders theme floor not correctly coloured by team
  • Upgradable rooms  now correctly change appearance when captured by a player with the upgrade
  • Icons should now be correctly shown on Rally flags
  • The Uprising Ritual should no longer break the Rituals tab in Multiplayer for client
  • Fixed a bug where the drawbridge in C13 would no go down
  • Fixed an extremely rare case where the game loading could become stuck in an endless loop