Kickstarter – Two sides of the coin

So I backed a game called „Into the Stars“ back in 2015 on Kickstarter. It promised a captains chair star ship experience to see how it would feel to be a „Captain Kirk“. It was supposed to be ready in July 2015. But it wasn’t until 2016 that I got the game. And even though they fixed some very basic but annoying bugs in „short time“ the game still is boring as hell. Sorry.

That was the „bad“ side.

On the other side there is „Wartile“. The Kickstarter is still running and they have to deliver on many promises but at least they have at least two things „Into the Stars“ did not have. First they don’t promise a quick delivery but a reasonable timetable. „Into the Stars“ was aiming for 6 months and ended with 14. „Wartile“ takes the 14 months right from the start. Second, „Wartile“ has a playable demo right now and it already is more fun (for me at least) than „Into the Stars“.

Usually I hate bashing on games but „Into the Stars“ promised to be so much more but this dull, boring and ultra slow paced „space harvesting sim“. Just take a look at some of the reviews and let that sink in.

Of course there is the possibility that „Wartile“ will not deliver what it promises but at the time of writing I really doubt that. The bigger problem at the moment is the lack of funding. Right now with close to 20.000 GBP pledged they only have a third of what they asked. So please consider backing them. I think the game can deliver. Again: „Wartile“ has a demo and everybody can take a look at it and try the game mechanics. Try before you buy. :)

BUY „WARTILE“! Avoid „Into the Stars“.