WARTILE – Figurine Customization

One of the major plus points of a physical miniatures games is customizing your miniatures. In most video game adaptations of miniature wargaming I’m aware of this is reduced to changing a colour scheme. Maybe switch a weapon. But it’s all cosmetic most of the time.

But in Wartile it will also change stats and you can do more than mere colour changes. The developer says:

In WARTILE, you’ll be able to customize your figurines with different weapons, shields and armor pieces, both to make them look unique and cool, and to change their overall combat stats so that they can be more defensive or more offensive, depending on the task at hand.

So we are getting a cool WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) editor with an animated stats preview. I like that a lot. Just take a quick look at their video:

So consider backing them. Click HERE