Just when I thought…

…I would get myself some other smartphone than the Commodore PET they start „serious“ business. Many of you have followed the „drama“ of CBM delivering very slowly. To the point that I’m still „scared“ of buying it despite of it (the PET) getting good reviews. Along comes the OnePlus X. It’s not the phone I wanted (mainly because of the nonswapable battery) but I would compromise at this point. Let’s get some technical specifications. I highlighted the one I think are most vital to me.

OnePlus X Commodore PET
Display 5″ 1920*1080 OLED 5.5″ 1920*1080 IPS OGS
internal storage 16 GB 32 GB
microSD up to 128GB (not useable in dual SIM mode) up to 32GB
CPU Quad-core 2.3 GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 Octa-core 1.7 GHz 64 bit
GPU Qualcomm® Adreno™ 330 Mali-T760
Battery 2525mAh (built in) 3000mAh (removable)
Dimensions 140*69*6,9mm 153*76,5*8,9
OS OxygenOS (Android 5.1.1 based) Android 5.0

So the OnePlus X seems to be a good phone it still lacks two important features.

  • removable battery
  • dual SIM mode and storage space

The only currently available phone matching the PET is the LG Electronics G4 Dual-SIM but that starts at 500 Euro. That’s a lot more than the 368 Euro CBM wants.

But they are an established company and are in good standing. And CBM is very quiet on th… FUCK! Just today the posted a link to a new shop (partially in Italian but still manageable) and the got some FAQ up. And we can read there the following:

Q: I’ve bought a phone from the Commodore E-shop, how long does it take for the device shipping?
A: Commodore PET shipping for orders from the e-shop now takes 10 working days. We want to thank you everyone that have had to wait for the first PET delivery after the long pre-order phase. We have launched PET pre-orders on mid summer 2015 and now we can announce that the first delivery phase has been planning to be finished in October 2015 because of the huge and unexpected amount of orders. Commodore PET is now in stock and it can be in yours in 10 working days.

10 days? TEN DAYS?! How am I to decide now?! If you’ll excuse me, I’ll go and bang my head against a wall or something.


So this is it? Weeks of delays, silence on emails and even cancelling the low budged version in the mid of the ordering phase? Really?

So this goes to those in charge of Commodore Business Machines LTD Wenlock Road 20-22 N17GU London (UK):

You people failed the commodore fans. You failed them big time.

Facts, as of today:

I reach out to all those who ordered the phone, please let me know any details I may have missed. But until the phone is out in the wild and available for testing I call this a fraud. Do not buy!

Back to business.

Commodore PET verschoben…. again.

In einem Artikel auf www.appdated.de erklärt wird, verzögert sich die Auslieferung des PET wieder. Dort wird eine Email zitiert, die alle derzeitigen Käufer des PET erreicht haben soll

Differently than what we’ve previously stated, however, we must warn you that some orders will likely be satisfied a little later than expected, with 7-10 work-days of delay. Although the phones are ready, in fact, getting all the needed certifications and IMEI codes took a little longer than expected.

Also werden wir wohl keine Tests und Reviews vor Oktober mehr erwarten können. Wenn denn überhaupt noch etwas kommt.

Falls hier einer mit liest, der die Email bekommen hat: Bitte einmal an mich schicken, ich würde sie gerne komplett lesen. Danke! :)

The Commodore PET and it’s rather bad PR

This article will be in English to make sure that everybody get’s my point. (I’m hoping the guys from CBM will read this)

When I first read about the PET I was really excited. After all I grew up in the 1980ies with a C64 of my own. On paper the specs of the phone sound more than descend. And the price I ok too. But there is one big catch. As of today there is no test or review of the phone. Only photos, shaky videos and some tech blog articles. And now comes the part with the bad PR.

Most videos and articles are in Italian. For a phone with an announced European release that’s bad. And it’s even worse considering the fact that the official CBM youtube channel ask for post and comments to be made in English! (see here)



And to add insult to injury there is an offer on facebook for (what I can only guess, because it’s in italian and google translate does not help) the smartphone to be ordered? delivered befor the 21st of September.

I wish they would decide to stick to one language. Maybe hire a PR person. Or just focus on the Italian market. But in the current form their PR is bad. Really, really bad.

That being said: I still want the phone to be good. And when the reviews are positive I am very likely to buy it. But I wont take the bullet blind.

Neues vom PET

Die Hersteller vom PET haben ein neues Video bei Youtube hochgeladen. Wer jetzt einen Test, ein Demo oder ein Statement zum Namensrechtsstreit erwartet, der liegt voll daneben. Es wird ein „neues Feature“ vorgestellt. Das PET kommt jetzt mit *Trommelwirbel* einer neuen Tastatur, die man sich auch so installieren kann.

Ernsthaft Leute? Mehr nicht? Und dann die „Produktionsqualität“. Ein wackeliges Handyvideo, das in der ersten Hälfte in englisch, in der zweiten Hälfte in italienisch gehalten wird, nur um dann nach 4 Minuten spontan zu enden. Mitten im Satz abgeschnitten.

Ich verliere immer mehr den Glauben an das Ding. Wer das Video selber sehen möchte:

Commodore PUTT?

Die Nachrichten um das PET werden nicht besser. Jetzt berichtet Bastian Ebert auf www.appdated.de folgendes:

Im Shop des neuen Commodore Smartphones ist es leer geworden. Das Unternehmen hat die 2GB Version des Smartphones in allen Varianten aus dem Shop genommen. Grund dafür ist die geringe Nachfrage. Laut Commodore sind zehnmal mehr 3GB Smartphones bestellt worden als 2GB Varianten und daher hat man sich entschieden nur noch die 3GB Varianten anzubieten. Das betrifft im Übrigen nicht nur die Neukunden sondern auch bereits bestellte Geräte die eigentlich ab morgen [21.08.2015] ausgeliefert werden sollten.

*sigh* Ob das noch mal was wird? In 30 Tagen wissen wir mehr… hoffentlich.

Quelle: http://www.appdated.de/2015/08/commodore-pet-smartphone-stop-der-2gb-version-und-liefer-verzoegerungen/

Commodore PET – Abwehrfeuer von Unbekannt.

Schräge Sache. Jetzt kam über Facebook eine „Pressemitteilung“ Commodore. Auf Ihrer Homepage findet sich dazu noch nichts.


PRESS BULLETIN #1 – August 14th, 2015

On August 12, we’ve been informed by OHIM, european Office for Harmonization on the Internal Market, that they received an opposition request about our trademark, which was regularly registered during the month of May 2015, with patent number 013930276. While waiting for further explanations from competent institutions, Commodore Business Machines LTD wishes to confirm that it is in no way affiliated or related to C=Holding BV, and confirms to be the only legitimate owner of the figurative brand Commodore in its business sector (smartphones).

Commodore Business Machines LTD wishes to assure to its customers, partners, media and fans that all the ongoing activities will regularly proceed as planned, and they will not suffer any variation or delay due to this circumstance.

Massimo Canigiani

Original Link bei Facebook:

COMMODORE BUSINESS MACHINES LTDPRESS BULLETIN #1 – August 14th, 2015On August 12, we've been informed by OHIM,…

Posted by Commodore Business Machines on Freitag, 14. August 2015

Das sind dann wohl die Folgen der Zersplitterung der Marke Commodore. Mal sehen was daraus wird. Muss ich jetzt noch fix bestellen, bevor sie verboten werden? Einen vernünftigen Test gibt es ja immer noch nicht.